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Every university student is faced with the task of writing a term paper. In addition to the actual research, this work includes a phase of formatting the text in preparation for delivery and defense. The following recommendations are based on national standards. However, each educational institution is known to have its own specifics in this area, and therefore you can apply the proposed recommendations only after approval by their supervisor.

The entire text of the paper should be subject to the same formatting style. Most often it is based on the use of Times New Roman font size 14. Line spacing is recommended to set one and a half line spacing.

Various kinds of accompanying pictures in the course work should also be formatted accordingly.

To begin with, you should note that they can only be placed within the boundaries of the page on which they are referenced and on the next page after it. It will be ideal if the illustration does not require you to unfold your work to view it. If this cannot be avoided, the picture should be placed so that the unfolding occurs from left to right.

Further, one should not forget that all the pictures in the work are provided with sequential numbers. They may follow each other throughout the work or begin anew in each chapter. Numbers are placed under the pictures along with a caption to them.

Finally, in the body of the text, you should place references to the pictures.

Tables in the course work is formatted similarly to the images. The only difference exists only in terms of captions, which are put over a table. In addition, while the caption to the picture is usually centered, the caption to the table is placed on the right side of the line.

It is also worth noting that tables (and images too) that are given in appendices will always have their own numbering.

All sources of information for the term paper should be included in the list of references. It is given at the end of the work, preceding only the appendices. All items in the list are bibliographic records, arranged in alphabetical order (by author's surname). And, of course, the list of sources is numbered with the same Arabic numerals.


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