Language Activities

WORD GRID – Vocabulary

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The students are able to remember the words and what they mean, they still have problems when they actually try to use the words in sentence. This activity helps the students to activate the vocabulary they may have aquired in their regular classes.
Preparation: Prepare a list of words your students have learnt recently. Draw a large grid on the black board. The size will depend on the number of students you have. Fill the grid with the meanings of the words you’ve listed.

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This speaking activity doesn’t need any material or preparation and involves students working in pairs to make up excuses.

  1. Put the students into pairs. In each group, one of the students will think of a situation and the other student will give an excuse for not responding positively to the situation.
  2. Tell the students to have variations in their excuses to avoid the repetition of the excuses.
  3. A few examples of the situations and excuses.

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Telling a Story: Speaking

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Material:  6-7 diverse objects (e.g. a candle, a pen, red chilly powder, a CD, cotton, shoe laces, spoon) and a box.
Preparation:  Before class, fill the box with 6-7 random objects. In order to make the activity interesting, the objects should be diverse and unrelated to each other.

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