December 2009

Here I Am Lord

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Here I am Lord !Devoid of the innocence of childhood;Barren heath where despair dwells,Confusion and experience unfair! At your threshold I standWithout the exuberant wisdom I hadA Victim… Read More »Here I Am Lord


Lesson Plan

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Title of the Unit: Key Environmental Concerns And Its Conservation Title of the Lesson: Our Precious Inheritance ‘ Mother Earth’ Students Profile 11-13 years, class… Read More »Lesson Plan


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Level: Primary & Middle Time: 40 minutes Size of class: 30 – 40 Objective: Language focus: Position/order of adverbs in a sentence Preparation: Write each of the words given in… Read More »ORDER, ORDER!


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Level: Middle Time: 30 minutes Size of class: 30 – 40 Objective: Language focus: Idioms Preparation: Make two sets, one each of (i) idioms (ii)… Read More »IDIOMS, PLEASE